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shutters manteca caWindow treatments are a hugely important part of your home: they give you privacy, make your rooms more attractive, and they can have a huge effect on your comfort and energy efficiency. They’re easily one of the cost-effective and cost-efficient ways to improve your home’s appearance. And window shutters in Manteca, Livermore and Elk Grove are the best way to add a sophisticated, classic look to your home—plus, they serve several pragmatic purposes that can be hugely beneficial to your home.

The functionality and design of shutters is a perfect match for almost any room. At Elite Shutters & Shadings, our specialists can help you decide on the shutters that would be right for your home with our free in-home consultations. And after you’ve chosen them, we also offer free measurements and installation services. Call today to learn more about what we can do for you in terms of shutters, shades, blinds and draperies in Manteca, Livermore and Elk Grove.

Choosing Your Shutters

Choosing which shutters are right for you is something that only you can do, and no matter what choice you make, you can depend on shutters to lend your home’s design a classic and timeless feel. Our window treatment services specialists can give you their professional opinions and advice, and we’ll help go through our wide selection of different shutters. But ultimately, the choice comes down to your personal tastes and design style.

No matter which you choose, if you rely on Elite Shutters & Shadings, we can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your new shutters.

Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are mounted on your windows inside your home. They offer several benefits, including:

  • Interior shutters can complement either a classic or modern interior design style.
  • Shutters can be made from wood, faux wood, polycore, or a number of other materials.
  • No matter which material they’re made from, you can count on enjoying the timeless, classic style for years.
  • Interior shutters will give you a great amount of control over the amount of light that’s let into a room, and they can help with your home’s energy efficiency.
  • No matter what room they’re in (a dining room, home office, bed room, or den), interior shutters will enhance your home’s appearance and offer you a strong functionality.

Traditional Shutters in Manteca, Livermore and Elk Grove

Traditional shutters—sometimes called Colonial shutters—originated in the New England states, where they were used mainly for purposes of insulation. They’ve been used in the northeastern US since before the Revolutionary War. They’re mounted on the exterior of your home.

Today, traditional shutters are mainly used for aesthetic purposes. They can make your home appear more rural or classical. When they’re open, these shutters will look like decorative shutters. When they’re closed, they’ll help protect your windows from strong wind gusts or flying debris, and they can help shed water from your home, which can be huge advantages in the area.

If you would like to schedule an in-home consultation to learn more about our window shutters in Manteca, Livermore or Elk Grove, please call 209-825-1400 or complete our online request form.

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