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Top Quality Window Coverings Products

At Elite Shutters & Shading Inc we provide a variety of window treatment products in Manteca, Livermore and Elk Grove. Whether you're looking for wood blinds and complimentary draperies or a classic plantation shutter to really enhance the look of your home, our team of specialists can help you choose the perfect products for your project. You can rely on us for more than top quality shutters, shades, blinds and draperies, too; we strive to provide our clients with first class customer service and competitive pricing as well.

Let us show you how we have earned the stellar reputation we have as the preferred local company for window treatments in Manteca, Livermore, Elk Grove and the nearby areas. You're going to love what we can do for your home!

The Manufacturers Whose Products We Carry Include:

  • Hunter Douglas
  • Norman Shutters
  • Century Blinds
  • Skandia
  • Alta
  • Graber


Shutters manteca caThe functionality and design of shutters is a perfect match for almost any room. At Elite Shutters & Shadings, our specialists can help you decide on the shutters that would be right for your home with our free in-home consultations. And after you’ve chosen them, we also offer free measurements and installation services.

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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters manteca caPlantation shutters are among the most popular window treatments that we offer, and there's good reason for that. Our high quality plantation shutters are attractive, versatile, and efficient, and we custom-design them to be a perfect match for your home's interior design style. Plantation shutters can lend a traditional, classic appearance to any room in your home, and they can work very well with modern styles of decor.

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Window Blinds

Window Blinds manteca caWindow blinds are a very durable, attractive, and versatile window treatment, and they're the most popular window treatments that we offer. We can custom design your window blinds to match any color scheme or any style of interior design, and our experts can also provide high quality installation services. At Elite Shutters & Shadings, we offer free in-home consultations, during which our professionals will work with you to navigate our wide selection of window blinds and find the perfect coverings for your home's windows.

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Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds manteca caIf you’re unsure of which wood blinds would be right for you, our professionals can help you come to a decision with a free in-home consultation. We’ll bring our selection of wood blinds to your home and give you our professional opinions and advice to help you make the decisions. With the wide variety that we have available, we can guarantee that you’ll find wood blinds that you’ll love to add to your home.

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Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds manteca caThe faux wood blinds we offer at Elite Shutters & Shadings are the perfect alternative to wood blinds: they’ll give you the same aesthetic appeal of wood, but they’ll be able to withstand much more wear-and-tear without sustaining any damages. Our faux wood blinds are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, so you’ll certainly be able to find a set that is a perfect match for your home. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck with window treatments that don’t match your décor or interior design style.

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Shades manteca caShades are the most classic and sophisticated looking window treatments there are, and they’re a great way to enhance the appearance of your home. Where you need attractive yet affordable shades, or extravagant, luxurious shades, Elite Shutters & Shadings has the perfect selection for your home. We can custom design your shades, as well, so we can guarantee that you’ll be able to find the perfect set for your home.

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Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades manteca caUpdating the window treatments in your home is a great way to improve your interior design and make your home more attractive and comfortable. And one of the most attractive kinds of window treatments that we offer at Elite Shutters & Shadings are our woven wood shades. They can lend a casual, relaxing, natural, and fun appearance to any design scheme, and we have a wide selection of options for you to choose from.

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Other Window Treatments

window treatment services manteca caAt Elite Shutters & Shadings, we offer a wide variety of different window treatments. We offer blinds, shutters, shades, draperies, and more, and our experts will work with you directly to find the perfect window treatments for your home. All of our window treatments are available in a wide variety of colors, design, materials, and styles, so you'll always be able to find the perfect match for your home's interior design and your personal tastes.

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Motorization manteca caMotorized shades are the easiest way to reduce these risks, and they can save you up to 30% on your energy costs each year. At Elite Shutters & Shadings, we can install motorized shades in your home, or we can motorize any window treatments that are already installed. Motorization will allow you to control your window treatments more easily and more accurately, so you'll always have complete control over the sunlight and heat that enters your home. Let us provide your window treatments with motorization options for the ultimate in convenience.

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Draperies manteca caThere are several pragmatic reasons to have draperies as your window treatment of choice, but they’re also one of the most decorative and aesthetically versatile window treatments there are. At Elite Shutters & Shadings, we take great pride in all of our window treatments, but there is none more elegant than draperies, and draperies can bring a room together like no other product we offer. Our professionals offer free in-home consultations, and we can help you decide on which window treatments are best for your home, tastes, and budget.

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We also offer window treatment repairs. Our window treatment services department in Manteca is a certified repair center for most Hunter Douglas products. Repairs must be brought in to the repair center. We do not offer in home repair with the exception of shutters.

If you would like to learn more about the window covering products we provide in Manteca, Livermore and Elk Grove, please call 209-825-1400 or complete our online request form.